Dr. Simon Smith

Hi, my name is Dr Simon Smith.

I’m a board certified family practitioner. I’ve been practicing medicine for over 15 years and have helped hundreds of patients with a variety of health concerns.

I myself used to be one of the three-quarters of Americans who suffer from digestive health issues and experienced problems on a ongoing basis. For many years, I could remember I had sever bloating and irregular bathroom trips prior to getting involved with probiotics. In fact, I commonly had these problems and many sources stated millions of people suffer from the same situation, so I didn’t even realize they were problems which had a real solution.

Being a medical professional I knew there had to be a simple way for everyone to have a better lifestyle by not experiencing the symptoms I was. Early in my practice I became more aware about probiotics and how incorporating the ‘good bacteria’ into my nutritional plan may help relieve my symptoms. After taking probiotic supplements for the first time in my life at the age of 38, my digestive system began functioning regularly and that meant no more frequent trips to the restroom, no more bloating after a meal and no more weak immune system.

As a result, I was transformed into a much healthier person – and a much happier one as well.  As a medical professional, my job is to help those in need of medical attention. In addition to the problems I was having myself with digestive issues, I wanted to create a supplement to lead the transformation of anyone who wants to live a healthier life. This led me to be one of the founders of OnlineProbiotic™.